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3 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Post-Workout Routine


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Working out regularly is a great way to keep your body healthy and in good shape. If you’ve ever pulled a muscle or felt less than 100% during your next workout you know how important a post-workout routine is.

According to the American Council on Exercise, when we exercise, our bodies experience two kinds of stress: metabolic stress and mechanical stress. Metabolic stress deals with the use of stored energy in muscle cells and mechanical stress is when muscle proteins are damaged. Pain, muscle fatigue, spasms, stiffness, and muscle soreness, are all examples of this damage.

Rest and good nutrition can help active bodies recover from stress, but sometimes this can take days or even weeks. Fortunately, Cannabidiol (CBD) products can help post-workout recovery in various ways.

Inculcate a PAIN-free routine

CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana’s sister, the hemp plant. It works by activating the endocannabinoid system, the system that controls and regulates critical functions in the brain and body, like pain and immune responses, including inflammation.

You might have heard that CBD is anti-inflammatory. That’s true! It disrupts the central nervous system by reducing inflammation markers in the muscles. This can relax bodily tension and prevent us from feeling pain.

If you’re looking to reduce pain or soreness, Harmonic’s Fit Softgels are an ideal choice. The balanced formula of CBD and THCV keeps your endorphins charged and your body relaxed.

Make MOBILITY your priority

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also work to promote and restore muscle mobility. When muscles experience stress, the immune system produces inflammation to limit the body’s ability to move, which helps muscles recover.

By blocking pain receptors, CBD inhibits the secondary effects of stiffness and immobility associated with muscle stress, making it possible to regain muscle strength and movement within hours of use.

For a multi-targeting solution for pain and stiff, immobile joints, muscles, and tendons, Relief Rub is an oil-based ointment for targeted relief. As a topical supplement, this is a perfect solution for first-time CBD users.

Have a restful SLEEP post-workout

Pain and stiffness can make it difficult to get any sleep and overtraining without enough time to rest can prevent your body from healing fully. That’s why getting good quality sleep is such an important part of establishing a post-workout CBD regimen. When taken regularly, CBD can improve both the amount and the quality of sleep by regulating sleep cycles. For those experiencing post-workout pain, it can reduce the discomfort associated with soreness.

Putting yourself in the right headspace before dozing off is vital to a restful night’s sleep. Harmonic’s Chill Softgel formula gives you a mood uptick to support lower blood pressure for a more stress-free and pain-free sleep.

CBD can be incorporated into just about any post-workout routine. Whether it be taking a softgel supplement with your protein smoothie and before going to bed, or rubbing on a refreshing cream during your cool-down session, establishing a routine you can stick with will help your body optimize the benefits of CBD.

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