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Intermittent fasting with Harmonic Woman CBD


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Take control of your plate and navigate through a day of intermittent fasting with us!

Intermittent fasting isn’t just a fad that the internet portrays it to be. For many of the women that we’ve interacted with, it is a successful lifestyle choice and behavioral change that has given them higher energy levels, enhanced immunity, and better body image.

Planning your day when you’re on an intermittent fast can sometimes be challenging. Adjusting to late-night hunger pangs and breaking your fast in the morning is a fine balance that takes a few weeks or months to master. Most often, the worst part about intermittent fasting is showing restraint when you go out. Imagine seeing someone enjoy a delicious bowl of carbs or scarfing down a cheeseburger when you can’t eat out of your “eating window”. Torturous, isn’t it?

But there’s nothing to fret. Don’t let any of the big words or standards feel like you can’t ace it. We believe in sharing real-life stories from real women. So we bring you one today!

The Positive Side to Fasting: A True Story

The power you feel over your mind, plate, and diet is visible throughout your day. Hear from Ash, who swears by intermittent fasting and has been practicing it for over 4 years. She added the Harmonic FIT capsule into the mix, and hasn’t turned back.

For me, it was about picking something sustainable. When I was a student, I never had time to incorporate a workout into my schedule. The rigorous schoolwork took up a majority of my mental space and energy – so I had to find a way to feel healthy, light, and energetic at the same time.

I started off with a 12-12 diet window, which meant that I would consume any and all solid meals in that 12-hour window, followed by a 12-hour fast. Knowing what your body needs and can handle is a very important thing to keep in mind. I was kind to my body and gave it a larger window to ease into this ritual.

This slowly turned into a 10-14 window and I finally settled at an 8-16 window. After 16 hours of no solid food, my body started to automatically use stored fat instead of glucose – and this helped with weight loss.

But even I have had my frustrating days – especially when I was traveling or was out until late at night. This definitely impacted the next day, and sometimes even the whole week. My fasting times would immediately shift and I simply could not keep up.

Now, as a working individual with an active social lifestyle, and a pet as my responsibility, I decided to include The Harmonic FIT capsule into my routine. The blend of CBD and THCV reduces my appetite and keeps me on track so I can continue with my fasting times. I feel more disciplined, organized and capable of taking on any unplanned event, hobby or task!

What’s unique about the FIT slimming down gel formula is its ideal THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) and CBD ratio. It not only suppresses appetite, but also aids in lowering jitters or anxiety. The CBD in this soft gel capsule fights inflammation in the body and ultimately calms you down.

Intermittent fasting with CBD

Typically, when people are on a fast, they experience extreme forms of craving or hunger and tend to overeat at odd hours of the day. Plus, when snacks or unhealthy foods are consumed while being nervous or anxious, it can have a negative impact on the entire objective of intermittent fasting.

We don’t want you worrying about dealing with these madness pangs or feeling like you haven’t been a champion on your regular day. It’s reassuring to rely on a little boost, so you can end your day on a high note. And you can definitely trust us to do that!

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