The CBD SCIENCE behind Harmonic Woman

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Perfected by Nature, Backed by Science

The CBD industry is full of misconceptions and sketchy marketing, but Harmonic Woman is different. You deserve to feel confident in your buying decision and feel a positive impact on your health. To achieve both, let’s explore the industry-leading CBD science behind our products:

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Organically Grown

Harmonic quality starts with the seed. Our special strain of hemp is grown in the USA with natural methods. Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp (PCR) is far richer in cannabinoids and terpenes than basic industrial hemp, and it’s bred specifically for elite CBD producers like Harmonic.

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Gently Extracted

You’ve already heard of CBD, but that’s just one healing element. Our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD isolates also include CBC, CBG, and CBN along with flavonoids and terpenes.

Most CBD producers use crude extraction methods with harsh solvents that strip beneficial compounds from the plant, often leaving toxins behind. Instead, we take a more holistic approach. Our method has absolutely no alcohol, butane, propane, or ethanol.

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Harmonic CBD has 100% bioavailability, so every precious cannabinoid is stable and protected from the bottle to your bloodstream. We have invested in a cutting-edge, patented process that modifies the cannabinoid structure in two essential ways. 

Our Water-bonded CBD has a molecular weight 250,000 times smaller than typical CBD. This helps Harmonic’s cannabinoid molecules pass through the cell walls without being destroyed and discarded during digestion. The benefits are clear in comparison:


5000 nanometers

20% absorption

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25 nanometers

50% absorption

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0.27 nanometers

100% absorption

CBD Science
* Indistinguishable from water

Water-bonded cannabinoids are 100% bioavailable and indistinguishable from water under a microscope. H20 passes freely across cellular barriers, and now so does Harmonic CBD. Unlike nano-emulsified CBD isolates, our water-bonded formula is not suspended in oil, so the body doesn’t have to waste any energy breaking down the emulsifier first.

Every drop makes a difference !

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Synergistically Formulated

Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and bind with neurotransmitters that regulate dozens of functions. CBD seems to positively affect appetite, mood, pain sensations, sleep, and inflammation.

We start with pure, full-spectrum CBD oil and add organic ingredients to empower your goals. Our products are made without fillers, and every active ingredient is mindfully chosen with a clear purpose.

Micro-dose with pure botanicals that increase health benefits, including astaxanthin to fight oxidative stress, taurine for energy, MCT oil for nootropic benefits, melatonin for sleep, and more.

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Third-Party Tested

We don’t just meet quality standards – we set records. Our CBD capsules and bath bombs are certified pure and rigorously tested by third-party labs.

Follow the entire production train with traceability at every step. Our team is refreshingly transparent about our CBD science – from our specific PCR hemp strain to our US-based grow facilities and FDA-registered processing partners. Above all, we’re committed to proving accuracy, purity, and potency.