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Harmonic Woman CBD is the key to a balanced, more intentional life. Designed by and for women, we’re here to help you embrace wellness and become the best version of yourself – one gentle, healing dose at a time. Our CBD supplements are thoughtfully formulated and made in the USA with organic ingredients.

With Harmonic CBD supplement for women, you can rise above morning aches, mid-day slumps, and evening anxiety. These capsules are tasteless and more discreet than CBD drops, so you can micro-dose and enjoy the moment.

CBD supplements for women

All About Balance

Before Harmonic, we were frazzled, fragmented, and struggling to cope with everyday aches and pains that never seemed to go away. Instead of settling, we set out to create a premium women’s CBD regimen that brought us back to the center.

Jennifer & Katie


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Women Owned

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It has saved me

As a hairdresser I have constant pain in my hands. I use a pump of relief between each client and I no longer suffer from pain at the end of a long day of work. It has saved me.



I have never slept better with the Rest capsule for tranquil sleep

The three-part daily regimen by Harmonic CBD is something I am SO glad my body found. I can tell from my mood in the afternoon that the sustain capsule really elevates my energy, and I have never slept better with the Rest capsule for tranquil sleep.

Erin T.


After a long day I can’t wait to get home to a relaxing bath

After a long day I can’t wait to get home to a relaxing bath. It’s how I unwind and relax. Adding a Center bath bomb has made my night bath ritual so much more enjoyable. My skin is soft, and my mind and body are relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep.


Fit Review

I love the new FIT capsule

I love the new FIT capsule. Since I mainly do intermittent fasting as a health and weight management exercise, this product has really helped to start off the holiday season.


Review Rest

I know I’ll actually sleep well at night when I take Rest

I know I’ll actually sleep well at night when I take Rest. It calms both my body and brain enough to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.


Review 3

I know that when I wake up every morning

I know that when I wake up every morning, I have to play more than one role. With the help of my Harmonic RISE supplements I know that I can start my day off right, and feel like I’m able to accomplish all my daily tasks.


Review 4

Helps me stay centered & focused

Harmonic is saving me right now. We are in Aspen skiing. Sleeping is tough at high altitudes so I have been relying on REST and boy does it help.

Sasha, Colorado

Review 5

It’s part of my self-care routine

As a healthcare worker, the stresses are enormous. Adding Harmonic to my daily regimen made a noticeable difference in my well-being. I feel more in control, more balanced and less stressed. I have more energy and focus during the day and i sleep soundly and restoratively at night. I overall feel lighter emotionally and physically.

Cody, Texas