CBD supplements for every woman, every day.

Harmonic was created by women, to help women be the best version of themselves. We all know life is busy and at times chaotic even, so we wanted to create an antidote for the everyday. Our lab-tested, certified, CBD formulas are specially crafted to give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our Story

Our Formulas


Morning Spirit


25 mg of CBD and 10mg of curcumin per serving.  Curcumin is a  natural antioxidant that has added anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Afternoon Elevation


25mg of CBD.  The combined benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant.

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Tranquil Sleep


25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin per serving.  Used to  promote relaxation and a good night sleep.

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Scientific solutions to everyday problems.

You’ve likely seen or heard about CBD by now–whether it’s CBD sodas, or tinctures in the vitamin aisle at your local grocery store. What you may not know though is that a lot of those products don’t have to go through any official regulations, making the products uncertified and the benefits questionable. We made Harmonic to fill these crucial gaps in the CBD space, creating a product that is clean and pure with results you can really feel.


High strung
no more!”

I kissed my stresses goodbye the day I began taking Harmonic Woman CBD supplements. Now I start my day with ease knowing I have the trusty “Rise” supplement on my side to face on any upcoming challenges. In the afternoon when my mid day slump hits I can keep my productivity going with the “Sustain” supplement that gives me a kick without the jitters or unneeded physical energy, just mental energy to keep me going. Then at night I take the “Rest” supplement before doing my evening skin care routine in order to settle me down for bed. This perfect dose of CBD does not leave me in a  haze or sluggish. It stimulates me in a way I didn't know was possible. This product is something that will be part of my daily routine for a long time to come.

Coco, California

It’s part of my self-care routine.”

As a healthcare worker, the stresses are enormous. Adding Harmonic to my daily regimen made a noticeable difference in my well-being. I feel more in control, more balanced and less stressed. I have more energy and focus during the day and i sleep soundly and restoratively at night. I overall feel lighter emotionally and physically.

Cody, Texas

Helps me stay
centered & focused.”

Harmonic is saving me right now. We are in Aspen skiing. Sleeping is tough at high altitudes so I have been relying on REST and boy does it help.

Sasha, Colorado

0.0% THC CBD softgels created by women for women. Find your focus with Harmonic Woman CBD.

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A little inspiration to get you through your week.

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At Harmonic Woman, these are the words we live by.  We’re here to  support the healthy lifestyles of women.  Our lab-tested, certified, CBD formulas are specially crafted to give you exactly what you need when you need it.

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Are you feeling out of balance? We're all about living smarter, and that means building intentional, balanced wellness routines that help women on the journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Harmonic's premium 0.0% THC CBD softgels are formulated to give you predictable results in an easy-to-swallow format. 

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We believe that support provides community.  Being involved with and serving our community is a vital
part of who we are. 

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

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Make your body smile with 𝗥𝗜𝗦𝗘.  Our premium Rise soft gels with curcumin are specially formulated to act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Each capsule combines our CBD enhanced through nanoemulsion technology with curcumin, a powerful compound derived from turmeric.

Try RISE and start your day right.

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How's your light? Try Harmonic Woman Supplements to feel your best all day long.  CBD Supplements for every woman every day.

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May we all find a rainbow today.

Happy National Find a Rainbow Day!

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