Your new holistic
daily ritual.

Our Harmonic formulas are designed to help you take on each part of your day. If you want the full experience, morning to night, get yourself The Kit so you never miss a beat.


Our Formulas


Morning Spirit


First, start the morning off right with a Rise softgel. In these capsules, 25 mg of CBD is mixed with 10 mg of curcumin, which comes from turmeric. Like CBD, curcumin also has great anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it a game changer for individuals with autoimmune issues, muscle pain, or anxiety. Rise supplements will also provide a good dose of antioxidants.

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Afternoon Elevation


At midday, take a Sustain. This will help you avoid the dreaded midday slump. You know how you can start to feel sluggish, stressed, and impatient in the afternoon, even when you still have so much to do? This is something a lot of people, women especially, struggle with. But when you start taking our CBD softgels, you’ll stay energized, positive, and relaxed throughout the afternoon.

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Tranquil Sleep


At night, Rest softgels will help you get a sufficient amount of sleep. These softgels are made with melatonin, a highly recommended supplement for achieving restful sleep. Melatonin helps provide a full, sound night of rest, without the risks that certain prescription-strength sleep aids can have. And getting quality sleep, of course, ensures that you’ll be in top shape for the next day.

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Relaxing Wind-Down


At bath time, Center bath bombs will help you calm your mind, body, and spirit.  Each bath bomb is made with 25 mg of CBD and lavender,  which is renowned for its calming capabilities.   Our bath bombs add emollients and softeners to your baths water that moisturize and indulge your skin.  No mater what your skin type, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs leave it soft, supple, and silky.  

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