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Get ready to kick back and truly chill, all summer long.

Temperatures are rising, and we’re finding ourselves in situations that need to smartly balance our day calm and night chill modes. While the heat bids goodbye to our larger appetites, it opens up so many doors to what the CBD-infused industry has to offer for the summer!

Exploring the CBD and THC-infused drinks market is a new journey for us, but it is one that we’re most passionate about. Starting this July, we’re making four new drinks – CBD Rise Drink, CBD Rosé, THC Rise, and THC Rosé Drinks available on our online store at Oregon Hemp House, and at dispensaries across the Oregon state. We truly believe that we can add a positive and healthy addition to your lives with the hydration these drinks offer.

The Passion Behind It

This isn’t just about where the industry is going and how many investment opportunities there are available in the cannabis beverage industry. Our main takeaways from understanding and feeling the market were that people make health their absolute priority, especially in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The world has turned to a different song, and it is a song that mostly tells us to be conscious and mindful of our daily habits.

Having been under lockdown for over two years, the need to get out and socialize is more imminent. For many, the intent is to have a good time with friends or family and not be burdened with dealing with hangovers the next day. This is where CBD and THC infused drinks fill the need – you’re able to micro-dose comfortably while also receiving the benefits from organic hemp.

Harmonic Rise Drink

The Rise Infused Drink has 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, so you can strike the right balance to start your day. Pique your creativity and confidence with every sip, then relax into the moment. Our water-bonded CBD is derived from organic hemp with 100% bioavailability, so it takes even less to feel your best.

Opt for the Rise Drink in a 35 mg CBD formulation to give you an extra boost!

Skip your morning energy drink and embrace the Harmonic lifestyle. This 12-ounce can is bursting with refreshing ginger tea flavor and fizzy carbonation. Rise is designed to heal your mind and body, one micro-dose at a time.

Harmonic Rosé Drink


Perfect for a pick-me-up after a tiring day; the fruity, floral and classic mood of the Harmonic Rosé brings all the evening spirits up. This hemp blend, low-calorie, and alcohol-free drink is inspired by Harmonic’s favorite wines and is topped off with a sparkling finish.

Sip on 25mg of full-spectrum CBD to release tension and inflammation for more restful sleep. Our CBD is 100% bioavailable and provides a smoother, faster transition into a feel-good mood. Like all Harmonic products, this Rosé drink is a discreet way to enjoy your daily CBD.

The Rosé is also available with 10mg THC & 15 mg CBD to strike the finest balance between the two formulations.

The Future of Social Cannabis

We understand that when it comes to alcohol and CBD products, sometimes discretion is key. You’re allowed to share your products if and when you want to, but the discreet packaging ensures that you never have to. Sip away and keep things low-stress with the knowledge that our designs are bright, fresh, and tastefully understated. Crack open a can whenever the mood strikes, and enjoy our drinks in any setting!

Stock up for the summer and get ready to really relax with Harmonic.

Be the first to know when our drinks hit the shelves, and get 20% off on your first order. Use code :  SummerFun.

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