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What does it really take to ace every day? Hear from some moms we know!

The role of a mother looks effortlessly choreographed, but the reality revolves around multi-tasking, meticulous planning, endless errand runs and so much more than we even fathom.

With Harmonic Woman CBD, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be relentless in our mission to impact the lives of real women. We’re adding to a mom’s support system in the best possible way. Bid goodbye to morning pains, afternoon slumps and evening ennui with a dose of premium CBD softgels that are specially made for women. The major appeal to them is that they are tasteless and more discreet than any CBD drops you’ve tasted, making them incredibly ideal for microdosing.

It is humbling to hear positive responses from moms in our community – they constantly advocate for the benefits Harmonic offers them and truly lets them do their thing with extra support. That’s all anyone needs – a little boost to be at one’s greatest potential!

I know that when I wake up every morning, I have to play more than one role. With the help of my Harmonic RISE supplements I know that I can start my day off right, and feel like I’m able to accomplish all my daily tasks.

Prioritizing physical and mental health while taking care of kids is a big ask. It is not sustainable to adopt fad diets and workouts that will stop giving you results you want to see. Our mantra is to make any woman’s life slow, balanced and intentional. That is why we suggest taking control of your plate, exercising the way your body asks, and creating a mindset by micro-dosing with one or two capsules every day.

Rachel (38), a mom of 2 says “I’ve been religiously taking the Harmonic FIT capsule once a day for over 3 months now. As an executive that works from home, I need to keep my diet and workout regime in check continuously. The FIT helps me achieve my intermittent fasting goals like a champion. When I stick to my 16-8 routine, the softgels keep me disciplined and don’t let me binge or crave for snacks after my eating hours. I’ve felt lighter and definitely more balanced.”

It’s towards the later parts of the day that mothers feel their energy levels dropping, but they’re still preoccupied with being alert and active for their kids. This shift in modes can often lead to burnouts, stress and anxiety, which can ultimately disrupt sleep schedules. One night of bad sleep can lead to a domino effect on the rest of the week. There has to be time carved out to unwind, relax and consciously work on a night-time, no-screen routine. Luckily, CBN and melatonin in our REST softgels work to support the body’s natural sleep cycle, reset the nocturnal clock, and relieve pain.

Nisha (31) celebrated her first Mother’s Day this year, and while she associates the day with warm and fuzzy feelings, she confessed that her idea of unwinding was with a drama series and falling asleep on the couch or next to her baby. However, after she made a small addition to her “me-time”, she instantly felt more calm and ready for bed.

“I wanted to stay away from remembering to take a capsule every night, trust me, I have enough to think about these days. But I switch between taking the REST night-time soft gel and doing a mellow bath with the CENTER bath-bomb. My skin feels soft and supple, I feel very rested and am definitely hitting the bed as soon as I’m out of the tub.”

Every woman has a different journey, a different day and a different need. It’s not realistic to manage too many self-care routines at once. Making daily life enjoyable, manageable, and triumphant in its own little way is what matters to any busy mom.

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So, take a breather, treat yourself or a Mom that deserves it.
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