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Getting Re-Centered With CBD Regimen



It’s all about creating a CBD regimen that brings us back to the center. The last thing we want our products to do is overwhelm and exhaust women – rather, we aim for CBD to seamlessly fit into your daily schedule and keep up with whatever you need to be feeling throughout the day.

In an effort to provide a platform for our readers to listen to real testimonials from women, we’ve put together some success stories from women who have benefitted from our premium CBD formulas. Witnessing our customers and friends finding their balance and kissing their stresses goodbye might just strike a chord with you and help you shop for routines your body needs! Make sure you use the code WEAREWOMEN! and get 20% off.


Jessica, the owner of Oregon Hemp House in Portland, is a long-time friend and partner. We chatted with her about the challenges of being a parent and business owner and how she tackles days that are tiring and difficult. She says, “As a single mom, CBD has been a lifesaver for me. The best things I can do to be a good parent are to stay healthy, get sleep and manage stress. Harmonic’s CBD helps me with all three!”


The Kit Product ShowcaseNever missing a beat is Jennifer’s objective.“Being a boss, mom, and wife means that I am constantly on the go. After starting the Harmonic daily regimen, I have been able to kick my morning coffee while maintaining my energy all day. I’m also waking up more rested and refreshed.” All bodies are different, with different moods and mental states at different hours of the day. Micro-dosing with one or two capsules of RISE, SUSTAIN and REST formulas daily have given Jennifer natural energy boosts to focus on various facets of her professional and personal life.


Joanna shared that experience specifically, saying, “I wanted to let y’all know how much I love the new Fit capsule. Since I mainly do intermittent fasting for weight management, this product has really helped at the start of the last holiday season. When I used to eat sugary food in the evenings, it was tough to keep my fast until my normal 2 pm time of eating the next day. But with the Fit I don’t struggle much at all. I have been combining it with Rise in the morning and I love the combo!”


Rebecca is able to take advantage of the highest quality, purest CBD and CBN combination in her Rest softgels. By being enhanced with 3 mg of melatonin, the formula provides room for tranquil sleep, allowing you to wake up completely refreshed. She says, “I use Rest every evening to help with my sleep. Rest makes the difference with a good, restful night’s sleep.”


After adjusting to life from COVID-19, we are all constantly worried about our immune systems and making sure that we are most effectively shielding viruses every day. With uncertainties continuing, we combined the Sustain softgel into our daily routine – to make us feel stronger and ready for anything.

Mary shares, “I have used Sustain for 3+ months now, and I notice the difference if I miss more than one day. With daily use, afternoons are focused, and I handle the after-school and dinner rush with ease. For times when needing help to wind down, I take Rest about 75 minutes before bed. This is such a gentle way to get to sleep and wake up with no nasty side effects.”

When it comes to acing every part of your life, you deserve to take a break and unwind. By re-affirming our belief in self-care, we want to give away a special care bundle with everything you need to relax and chill. Enter our March Max Relax Giveaway and take away something for you or your loved one.

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