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Sober Curious? CBD Beverages May Help You Quit Drinking

Sober Curious? CBD Beverages May Help You Quit Drinking

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Alcohol has cemented its place at the heart of American life; it’s a convenient option and an easy habit that’s often hard to break. When you do, it might get noticed.

“Want a cocktail?”
“No thanks.”
“Really? Why?”

Reshaping the Word ‘Why’

Author Ruby Warrington coined the term ‘sober curious’ in her 2018 book, and Gen Z, in particular, has taken notice. What does it mean to be sober curious? You’re flipping the social script and changing the way we use one simple word: why.

Why do I choose to drink?

Why do I choose to feel this way?

Why is this worth the hangover?

Why do I want to quit drinking?

Why do I feel pressured to explain my sobriety?

The Decision to Quit (or Not)

The warm, fuzzy, relaxed feelings that come with your first, second, or third drink aren’t just placebo. Alcohol is a suppressant that literally relaxes your body’s systems. But if you’ve ever suffered through a groggy hangover, you know that feel-good symptoms come at a cost.

Avoiding the hangover might be a good enough reason to put down the bottle and find something else to drink. Maybe you’re tired of the constant headaches, puffy eyes, bloating, inflammation, and hang-xiety. Processing alcohol takes a physical toll on the body, even if you don’t feel like your drinking is problematic or causes specific health concerns.

The hardest part about quitting alcohol is often the fact that you have to commit to quit altogether. Or, at least, that’s how social drinking culture often makes us feel. All too often, it feels like there are only three categories: problematic alcoholic, stable social drinker, or stone-cold sober. Where’s the nuance? And why is social drinking so widely accepted until it crosses a dangerous line?According to Google Trends, seasonal searches for Dry January have more than tripled over the past five years.

An increasing number of casual drinkers are getting curious and challenging themselves to 31 sober days. Some participants drop the booze to help reset their health in the new year. Others think of it as a check-in to prove to themselves that they can still say no.

But do all-or-nothing sobriety challenges like Dry January and Sober October add to the pressure with even more acute social stigma?
Choosing to abstain and enjoy alternatives doesn’t have to be a big commitment. It can be as simple as sipping a bubbly CBD seltzer instead of a beer.

Find What Feels Good

Mindful drinking starts with thoughtful shopping. Whether you choose to quit entirely, cut certain drinks from your rotation, or just limit drinking during the week, it’s worth exploring other options. Once you figure out your why for avoiding alcohol, it’s a lot easier to find something you’d rather drink instead.

Do you want to avoid a hangover, cut calories, boost hydration, or get energized? Luckily, sober curious drinkers have options.

The non-alcoholic beverage industry is booming with new artisanal sodas, mocktails, zero-proof spirits, and infused seltzers. But just because it’s zero-proof doesn’t mean it’s inherently healthy. The best non-alcoholic beverages should make you feel better in the moment without consequences in the morning.

CBD infused drinks offer the relaxing feeling that many drinkers crave while supporting full-body wellness. Every sip helps to balance the endocannabinoid system and promote a feel-good state of mind. Plus, emerging research suggests that CBD can effectively release tension and reduce inflammation for less pain, stress, and anxiety with fewer sleepless nights.

Remember – sobriety isn’t a black-and-white, forever thing. For sober curious drinkers and mindful cocktail lovers, it’s all about this moment; this choice; this drink.
So, if you ask yourself why and decide that alcohol doesn’t align, Harmonic Woman CBD gives you another option.

How CBD Drinks Can Help You Stay Sober

  1. Replicate flavors you love with the fruity, floral taste of non-alcoholic rose
  2. Sip like a grownup holding a gorgeous seltzer can that doesn’t scream non-alcoholic
  3. Feel lighter and less bloated with a sparkling, low-calorie and low-sugar alternative
  4. Melt away stress and help manage anxiety in a healthy, intentional way
  5. Skip the hangover altogether and feel your best tomorrow with less inflammation

Mindful drinking is a tool for self-care and self-love. When we take the time to question our habits and influences, we’re able to make healthier decisions.
Harmonic Woman CBD is here to help you strike the perfect balance with full-spectrum CBD beverages, bath bombs, and supplements.

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