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Healthier Alternatives to Holiday Drinking: Swapping Spirits for CBD

Healthier Alternatives to Holiday Drinking: Swapping Spirits for CBD

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The holiday season is a special kind of chaos, and it can either lift you up or wear you out. A 2018 survey by OnePoll found that Americans typically attend one social event a week, but the number triples between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Along with all those parties comes twice as much drinking… and twice as many hangovers.

As your calendar fills up, it’s important to manage stress in a healthy way and protect yourself. Airport crowds and common colds are a little bit out of our control, but what we choose to drink is always up to us.

Follow these tips to get more joy out of the holiday season without turning to alcohol:

Follow Your Why, Not the Crowd

If you’re sober curious this holiday season – that is, challenging the social norm and expectation that drinking alcohol is normal – it’s important to ask why.

Why do you want to drink?

Why is it worth the hangover?

Why do you want to feel this way?

Social drinking can be a hard habit to break, but Harmonic CBD is here to help you make healthier decisions that align with your why.

Want to indulge in yummy flavors? Rose CBD replicates the floral, fruity flavor of rosé wine with a sparkling, non-alcoholic finish. Harmonic’s second CBD beverage, Rise for Morning Spirit, is infused with refreshing, bold ginger tea.

Need a break with feel-good relaxation? CBD can pique your curiosity and creativity like a natural mood booster.

Want to celebrate and play the part? Harmonic CBD drink cans have a gorgeous label and a grownup style that doesn’t look out of place at parties.

Need a little bit of anxiety relief? Many people use alcohol to loosen up and reduce stress, but that’s only a temporary fix. Harmonic CBD is made with patented water-bonded technology for 100% bioavailability, so you’ll feel better and more blissful after just a few sips.

Give yourself non-alcoholic options and the courage to follow your own path. You can stock your fridge with zero-proof Harmonic CBD spirits or bring a CBD drink case to your next party to share.

Be Present and Purposeful

Remember, alcohol isn’t the only option and new CBD seltzers are the perfect way to enjoy a little evening spirit. Harmonic Woman CBD drinks are designed to make you feel good in the moment without any consequences in the morning.

Full-spectrum CBD beverages can uplift your mood, increase creativity, and alleviate stress. Unlike alcohol, which suppresses your body’s systems and pulls you out of the moment, Harmonic CBD brings you back to center.

Savor every detail and enjoy more meaningful conversations with no slurred speech or tipsy tirades.

Focus on Family

Will you make drinking plans around family, or family plans around drinking? Parents, and mothers in particular, have to consider how drinking will impact their ability to be present for their kids.

In 2018, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital surveyed 1,200 parents with young children and found that 73% were very likely to have someone else watch their child while they drank at an event. 64% also plan for someone else to take care of their child the day after drinking.

Harmonic CBD’s co-founder Jennifer Speer-Harvey had this exact idea in mind when she launched the brand, saying, “So many women reached out to me with equal parts excitement and concern; we want CBD products that make us feel stronger, calmer, and more creative, but nothing should get in the way of our roles as mothers, wives, and bosses. I get it!”

Time spent together is precious, especially during the holidays, and a night of drinking can steal a surprising amount of time for recovery. By swapping a feel-good CBD drink instead of alcohol, moms don’t have to choose between a fun holiday party and a good morning.

Take Your Health Seriously

How can you say no to mulled wine, spiked eggnog, jingle juice, and candy cane cocktails? Turning down alcohol can be hard, especially when the drinks are poured with a little extra holiday cheer. You just want to unwind and have a good time! But is the headache, bloating, and inflammation worth it?

Instead of avoiding negative side-effects, try focusing on positive things that will make you feel good. Sparkling CBD seltzers can alleviate the little aches and pains that add up during the day, and Harmonic’s water-bonded CBD drink has a pure water base for refreshing hydration.

Sip for better vibes today and better health tomorrow.

With Harmonic CBD’s delicious alcohol alternatives and mindful stress management, you won’t just survive the holiday season – you’ll savor it!

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