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Embrace a Truly Harmonic Lifestyle with CBD Infused Drinks


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We all have a daily routine — for some people, it means starting off with a nice coffee; for others, it means winding down after a long day with a nice cold drink in hand. No matter your preferred beverage of choice, it’s worth considering a CBD infused drink as your new favorite.

As an anti-inflammatory beverage, like all CBD infused products, CBD infused drinks have been shown to offer relief in the form of lessening chronic pain, relaxation, and lessened anxiety or stress.

Here at Harmonic, we set out to create a canned drink that wasn’t just hailed for all those properties — we wanted it to be delicious, too. From sunup with our Rise option to the end of the day with the Rose, we’ve got options for all schedules and lifestyles.


Embrace the day with Rise, a ginger tea flavored beverage infused with CBD and all the benefits of ginger — prevent stress, fight high blood pressure, and get centered with the age-old root plant. This alcohol-free drink is sparkling, providing an energetic fizz sure to get you moving.

One of the biggest benefits of CBD infused drinks is getting many of the benefits of other CBD products, but condensed into a grab-and-go format. You’ve got a busy day to get to, and the Rise drink will help you get there — all while feeling your best.


When the sun goes down, it’s time to get cozy with the Rosé drink. One of the biggest benefits of CBD in a nighttime routine is helping to alleviate insomnia, and leading to a more restful sleep. While one of the challenges of insomnia isn’t just getting asleep but staying asleep, many CBD enthusiasts have reported a marked improvement in nights thanks to CBD products.

The Rose drink is comparable to a sparkling rosé — but it is non-alcoholic, making it accessible for those who abstain from alcohol or prefer to wind down with something more like sleepytime tea.

The Rose drink is infused with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, and our 100% bioavailability design allows for faster and smoother transition into total feel-good relaxation. Release tension from your body while enjoying a tasty beverage right before it’s time for lights out.

Like all Harmonic products, one of our favorite things about Rise and Rose drinks is the discrete (and cute!) packaging. It’s an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, no matter where you’re headed or who you might be bumping into. What’s better is that it is perfect for the summer outdoors – whether it is a picnic with girlfriends or a hike with family. It also complements your pool day out perfectly. So bring the chilled cans out and soak in some vitamin D. That is a winning self-care formula to most.

Explore Rise, Rose, and more great CBD products designed by women, for women, here. Stay in touch with us via Instagram using our handle @harmonicwomancbd – and watch out for all our drink releases this summer.

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