Sex and CBD: Bringing Supplements to the Bedroom

Sex and CBD: Bringing Supplements to the Bedroom

Cannabinoids can lower stress levels, balance hormones, increase blood flow, and alleviate pain – all factors that play into sexual satisfaction. CBD may not be the ‘magic bullet’ for an instant, mind-blowing orgasm, but from a whole-body perspective, there are a lot of promising benefits.

Is CBD good for sex, libido, and intimacy in the bedroom? Let’s find out:

Find Your Balance

Research about CBD and sex is still emerging, and there’s a very limited number of published studies with human trials. Even still, many scientists are optimistic about the effects, and anecdotal results are promising.

CBD and other cannabinoids, including CBG and CBN, don’t directly affect neurotransmitter levels, but they do bind with them. As a result of the binding process, CBD also balances hormones, including a noticeable reduction of cortisol – the body’s stress hormone.

Anxiety can heighten sexual dysfunction, which can lead to performance anxiety, which can cause dysfunction, which can cause anxiety, which… you get the idea. When it comes to sex supplements, CBD may help you interrupt the cycle and experience more pleasure.

Lower stress is a great start for better sex!

Biochemical research also shows that CBD binds to anandamide, the ‘bliss’ neurotransmitter, and links up with oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone. The right supplements can help lighten your mood, make you feel more connected, and enhance your body’s natural endorphins.

Get the Blood Flowing

Sexual benefits of CBD might also include stronger, more fulfilling orgasms. In order to get from desire to arousal, orgasm, and resolution, blood flow is key.

Cannabidiol increases blood flow and nerve sensation throughout the body, including – you guessed it: the vagina and clitoris. Sexual arousal also causes increased blood flow, heightening sensitivity and pulsing pleasure.

Kickstarting increased blood flow with CBD can help women transition into the first sexual response cycle.

Less Pain, Less Dryness

Approximately 40% of women experience pain during or after sex, and vaginal dryness is one of the most common causes of sexual discomfort, especially after pregnancy and menopause.

Luckily, the body’s natural lubrication gets a boost with increased blood flow to genital tissue. Taking daily CBD supplements may help physical wetness link up with mental and emotional arousal.

CBD is also anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever, so intimacy may feel better in the heat of the moment and long afterwards.

Sync Up Your Rhythm

It’s hard to line everything up perfectly: emotional intimacy, mental presence, physical libido… not to mention scheduling. Micro-dosing with CBD supplements throughout the day can create a healthier body rhythm. 

Even if CBD doesn’t have a direct effect on sex, the whole-body benefits play a big role. We can’t overstate the importance of better sleep, fewer sick days, less stress, and increased energy. When you feel comfortable and confident in your body, there are fewer barriers to sexual intimacy and performance with your partner or by yourself.

Daily micro-dosing regimens, like The Kit by Harmonic CBD, help promote a consistent sense of balance. Rise with more energy in the morning, sustain your strength in the afternoon, and rest more deeply by resetting your nocturnal clock.


Harmonic CBD is proudly woman-owned, and we formulate holistic CBD products that provide wrap-around support for women’s health. From stress management and sleep support to authentic sexuality, it’s time to discover the Harmonic lifestyle.

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