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Goals and Gifts: How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

Goals and Gifts: How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

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Every January, social chatter pings back to three dreadful little words: New Year’s resolutions. Turns out, approximately 25% of people quit within a week, 80% abandon their New Year’s resolution by February, and only 9% ever follow through. Yikes!

We’re here to uplift the conversation and help you stay focused. CBD might be the key to your best year yet! Follow this framework to set smarter goals and adopt healthier habits in 2023 for your best year yet:

Set micro, measurable goals

Instead of resolving to lose more weight, why not commit to 30 minutes of movement every day? Stretch, swim, walk, jog, or run. It’s up to you.  This micro, measurable window of time gives you something clear to commit to, and there’s no wiggle room to flake! And you still have the flexibility to use this time with an activity that feels good. This way, losing excess weight isn’t an undefined goal to stress over – it’s just a beautiful byproduct of a healthy, active life.

We love the word micro… it’s magic! Micro-dosing CBD is just one example of how small changes and improvements can make a powerful, noticeable difference.

Rise stronger in the morning, sustain strength in the afternoon, and release tension with a restful reset at night. The Kit is a three-part daily regimen to micro-dose more mindfully and elevate your health. It’s just one of many tools that turn big goals into feel-good achievements.

Prioritize your prep work

Before you can run a half marathon, you need to build stamina and strength. How? Ramp up weekly mileage. How? Create a sustainable training plan and avoid injury. How? Take CBD supplements for mind and body support.

Work backwards from the goal and give yourself the best chance at success. This mindful trick allows you to visualize the process in more concrete terms and immerse yourself in the resolution. Every step matters, even the little ones, because they build into so much more. Go on, celebrate that CBD softgel – you’re prepping for a marathon medal!

Relieve the anxiety spiral

Is that goal too difficult? Didn’t you give up last year? Shouldn’t you dream a little bigger? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. For many people, stress and anxiety can feel paralyzing at the start of a new year, even though it’s meant to be an empowering moment.

Self-love, self-care, self-assurance, and self-confidence are the foundations of every successful New Year’s resolution. Commit to yourself right here and now that your mental health matters. Taking daily CBD for anxiety may help relieve mental blocks and balance mood overall. Progress is an opportunity for pleasure!

Ask for accountability 

Accountability partners help you push through moments of fatigue or failure. It’s all about creating a new, consistent rhythm and surrounding yourself with tools or people that help you stay motivated.

Connect with a group, take progress photos, find a coach, start journaling, or sign up for a monthly CBD subscription that keeps you on schedule. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the most important thing you can take away are habits, not outcomes.

Whether you want to improve your health, work, relationships, hobbies, or sense of self, Harmonic Woman CBD can help.

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