High on the Fly: Tips for Traveling with CBD and Delta-8

High on the Fly: Tips for Traveling with CBD and Delta-8

Looking to get away and take a vacay? Whether you’re setting off on a road trip, taking the train, or flying, you don’t have to leave cannabis at home. Harmonic jetsetters know how pack for a stress-free, feel-good trip while traveling in the US. And yes – that includes CBD!

CBD softgels may help you enjoy the journey and ease the physical stress of traveling.

But before you start packing, let’s go over some CBD travel tips, including TSA security rules for cannabis. Plus, we’ll clue you into a safe, legal way to get high on the plane.


Can you take Carry Delta 8 CBD on a plane?

Yesss, pack your bags! You don’t have to stop taking daily CBD supplements, even while you’re traveling. CBD can be packed in your checked luggage or carry-on, but make sure to keep it in the original packaging with a label that shows the batch number, ingredients, and CBD/THC content.

(Every Harmonic Woman CBD bottle is labeled for compliance, so you can fly worry-free.)


Bonus: CBD travel tips for your carry-on

The TSA allows hemp-derived CBD capsules with less than 0.3% THC, but you’ll still need to follow the normal liquid size guidelines. If your CBD bottle is less than 3.4 ounces, simply place it in your clear, quart-sized toiletries bag and send it through the X-ray machine like normal.


The safe, legal way to get high while traveling

Even if you’re traveling to and from states where marijuana is legal, you can still get into trouble while crossing state lines or stopping in an airport. We only recommend traveling with hemp-derived supplements that are third-party tested and legal across the US.

Stay safe and leave anything with THC at home.

If you enjoy the occasional cannabis high, you’ll be happy to know that there is a legal alternative. Hemp delta-8 has a gentle psychoactive effect, so you can skip the stress of traveling and enjoy a calming, mild state of euphoria. Some users describe delta-8 like a blissful, calming wave that washes over you and makes you feel more zen.

Yes! You really can feel zen, content, and totally unstressed, even if your flight gets delayed and the gate changes. Chill out and brighten your day with a micro-dose of delta-8 that you can carry on the plane.


Stress-free traveling with CBD

CBD can ease tension, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep – all benefits that make travel more enjoyable. It’s also a great alternative to over-the-counter medications for travel-related nausea, motion-sickness, headaches, fatigue, and jetlag.

Just make sure to start prepping and planning for your trip now. CBD won’t start working automatically, and it’s not a magic pill. All good things take time!

Micro-dosing is one of the best ways to maintain a consistent, healthy dose of cannabinoids in your system. (That’s yet another reason to bring daily CBD capsules with you on the road and stick to your routine.)


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, CBD should be at the top of your packing list. Do a little research and follow the rules during every step of your journey. With these tips, you can safely take delta-8 and CBD on vacation for a brighter, more balanced adventure.

Happy travels!

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