CBD and Meditation: The Perfect Morning Routine

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Are you a sleepy-eyed night owl or an energetic early bird? No matter what your morning routine looks like, there’s always room for a little more mindfulness. Get inspired by the sunrise and shine a little joy into your life, right from the get-go.

These healthy habits can make mornings feel a little more harmonic with CBD and meditation.


Start (and end) with a promise

Before you go to bed, write a simple, specific “I will” statement in your journal – something you can commit to achieving in the morning.

“I will take my FIT CBD capsule for healthy weight loss.”

“I will make the bed.”

“I will floss before I brush my teeth.”

Even the tiniest tasks can have a positive impact, whether you’re working toward a larger goal or sustaining a new habit. Show love to your past, present, and future self with every fulfilled promise.


Give yourself time to meditate

Curious how to meditate with CBD? You need time, both on a macro and micro scale.

Just like meditation, the benefits of CBD build up over time. Your thoughts may still wander, but it becomes easier and easier to gently pull them back with practice. CBD micro-dose capsules are the best way to sustain higher, healthy cannabinoid levels (similar to how 60-second breathing exercises can help deepen your meditation practice throughout the day).

Start with 3 minutes of mindful breathing every morning, then build up from there. Research suggests that 13-minute meditation sessions can have a profound, positive impact on mental health after just 8 weeks.


Sustain crash-free energy and focus

Healthy morning routines can radiate upbeat energy through your entire day. Did you know that CBD supports your body’s natural clock and sleep cycles? Daily CBD supplements can help you fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning.

RISE CBD energy softgels won’t cause a racing heartbeat or jittery crash. Instead, CBD capsules help you step into your power with sharpened focus, sustained energy, and less anxiety.

Improve your morning routine just by swapping out your energy drink. Harmonic CBD drinks now include RISE for Morning Spirit with 25mg of CBD in fizzy ginger tea.


Add a little movement

You don’t have to sweat through a spin class or run outside to enjoy the benefits of exercise. If those are your activities of choice, go for it! Walking meditation, gentle stretching, and guided yoga are three low-impact alternatives to start moving in the morning.

Just like your daily CBD dose, you can add little by little. Adjust to strike the right balance and match both your energy levels and lifestyle. For example, if walking feels easy and boosts your mood, simply embrace that feeling or pick up the pace. This is your routine, your body, and your journey. Embrace it!


Strike a power pose

Did you know that posture can have a positive impact on your mood? Studies show that ‘power poses’ can increase confidence and improve outcomes. It’s another powerful way to tap into the mind-body connection!

Set your feet hip-width apart, rock your shoulders back, and tip your chin up, then stretch your hands above your head in a ‘V’ shape. Focus on your breathing and set a mindful intention for the day, then make a purposeful choice to ‘come back’ to the room when you’re ready. How does it feel to command the room and take up space? It’s a game changer.


Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create a mindful morning routine. That’s part of the reason why CBD and meditation work so well together! CBD beverages and micro-dose capsules may help alleviate pain, anxiety, and what-ifs, so you can rise to your full potential.

Set the tone for your entire day with CBD self-care for every Harmonic Woman.

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