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Train Your Mind and Calm the Body with CBD for Yoga

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Yoga is a transformative practice for the body, mind, and soul. Increased flexibility and strength, less pain and anxiety… CBD and yoga achieve many of the same goals through different physiological avenues. The good news is, they work even better together.

Discover how micro-dosing CBD and yoga can help bring your body back to balance.

Yoga trains the mind

Every day, we’re faced with an overwhelming amount of stress and stimuli – the ping of an endless email thread, unexpected delays on the commute, a growing pile of laundry that never seems to go away… Yoga and meditation help you set everything aside and control your reactions.

Our nervous system has two main branches that balance each other out and create healthy homeostasis. In essence, it’s the constant push-and-pull of rest or stress. 

The sympathetic nervous system keeps us safe with sharp focus, fast responses, and the instinctual readiness to tackle daily challenges. When your brain senses danger, it tells your body how to respond.

Parasympathetic responses, on the other hand, promote a state of being called ‘rest and digest.’ By relaxing muscles, slowing your heart rate, and lowering blood pressure, the body works to conserve energy and relieve stress. This quiet recovery period is driven by your body, rather than an overactive, worried mind.

Yoga gently encourages a stronger parasympathetic response, so you can heal and recharge in a safe space. But the benefits of yoga don’t have to end when you leave the mat after savasana. Breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation help train your mind to release its grip on chronic stress. 

CBD calms the body

CBD drinks, capsules, and softgels provide many of the same benefits, including lower stress, less pain, faster muscle recovery, and improved sleep. But unlike yoga, CBD promotes a balanced state of calm from the inside out.

Harmonic Woman CBD is gently extracted from cannabinoid-rich organic hemp, and it’s just one of 100+ healing chemical compounds found in cannabis. Does CBD make you high like THC from marijuana? No, you don’t have to worry. CBD is non-psychoactive, so you can enjoy a burst of creative energy and improved concentration without a euphoric ‘high.’

Micro-dosing CBD supplements may help you feel more like yourself, just like a restorative yoga practice.

How does CBD work? CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a full-body network that loops in with the nervous system and major organs. Scientists are still working to truly understand the purpose of our ECS, but one word can summarize the current theory: homeostasis.

Cannabinoids prevent intense stress responses, calm overactive pain receptors, reduce chronic inflammation, and more. CBD helps you bounce back faster, and it prevents small disruptions from knocking you out of equilibrium.

Deepen your yoga practice with CBD

Adding CBD to yoga can unlock benefits on and off the mat, including:

  1. Increased flexibility with less inflammation, tightness, and swelling
  2. Improved focus and concentration for mindful meditation
  3. Deeper, more restful sleep for feel-good mornings
  4. Less pain and soreness along with faster muscle recovery
  5. Sustained, constant energy without jitters or a racing heartbeat
  6. Mood balancing for more consistent self-love and self-care

For the best results, you should aim to sustain healthy cannabinoid levels, not just elevate them. Harmonic Woman CBD softgels deliver highly bioavailable micro-doses of CBD to help you RISE, SUSTAIN, and REST throughout the day.

Deepen your yoga practice and create a consistent wellness ritual with Harmonic’s daily CBD supplements for women.

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