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Why Busy Moms REALLY Need a Water Break

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Are busy moms more likely to be dehydrated? We wouldn’t be surprised. Studies in the National Library of Medicine estimate that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. If you struggle to remember your water bottle and drink 64 ounces every day, you’re not alone.

Add a breastfeeding baby, active toddler, or busy student schedule into the mix? It’s tricky!

Harmonic Woman CBD is proudly woman-owned, and we’re big believers in realistic, honest expectations. Upping your water intake and revamping your hydration habits won’t happen overnight.

Try these practical tips and tricks to improve your family’s daily routine and drink more water:

1. Create a hydration station

‘Hydration stations’ are a motivating reminder and resource to help you stay on track, just by walking by. It’s amazing how much a small change to our physical space can support new habits.

Stock a mini-fridge with zero-calorie CBD beverages, chopped cucumber snack packs, coconut water, and fruit-infused ice trays… Fresh options are always more fun!

2. Lean into the joy of competition

Add a water tracker to your family’s fridge calendar or ask your mom’s club about hosting a 30-day healthy habits competition. Publicizing your goal and sharing the journey with other mothers is one of the best ways to drink more water (and stick with the habit!)

3. Mix it up and get bubbly

Yep! Carbonated water is just as hydrating as still water. If little bubbles and fruit infusions bring you more joy than tap water, go for it! Just make sure to read the label and watch out for artificial colors, added sugar, and diuretic (aka. dehydrating!) ingredients.

4. Choose hydrating drinks that feel good

Fighting chronic dehydration is a great start, but a CBD beverage help you achieve even more. Harmonic CBD Sparklers are a quick, easy way to micro-dose throughout the day and boost cannabinoid levels for full-body benefits.

Every 12oz can is infused with 35mg of full-spectrum, water-bonded CBD that is gently extracted from organic hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, and it won’t alter your mood, so moms never have to worry about being less than your best.

5. Predict your body’s needs

Thirst is a biological cue that reminds you to grab a drink – obviously. But did you know it’s also a sign of active dehydration? By the time you’re thirsty, the body is already playing catch-up.

Don’t react to thirst; instead, be mindful and predict what’s coming next. We recommend getting a head-start on your water goals with a 12oz caffeinated CBD drink in the morning (instead of dehydrating coffee or tea.)

While you sip, check the weather forecast and plan your schedule for the day. If you’re going to be hot, active, or far from the hydration station, add another water bottle to your bag, just in case.

6. Adjust and plan for your lifestyle

Remember, you’re an exceptional woman, creative thinker, and inspiring mom – even if you fall a bit shy of your daily water target. Nothing will change that! Health hydration guidelines are just a starting point, and your wellness journey is always evolving. Treat yourself with love every step – or… sip – of the way.

Start today and grab a CBD drink to celebrate!

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