Drinks, Tips, and Tricks for the Perfect Summer Picnic

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Grab a cooler and plenty of drinks – it’s time for the perfect summer picnic! Dining al fresco doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or setup. Need picnic date ideas? Start here.

A mindful stroll through city parks can be just as therapeutic as a full day trekking through the forest. Nature therapy is a mood-booster and stress-reliever! Break up the monotony of your daily routine and soak up Vitamin D with a relaxing, nourishing wellness break.

This summer picnic guide is full of tips and tricks to help you maximize your time outdoors with a CBD drink in hand.

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

 Look for shade – if not for you, then just to keep things cool.

Sunscreen should always be part of your daily skincare routine (along with a Harmonic CBD supplement for skin health!) Direct sun exposure can add up to 15°F of heat, so it’s best to place your cooler in the shade.

Embrace boredom.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a little boredom can stimulate creativity and problem-solving, while also giving the brain time to recharge. Embrace the leisurely, slow pace of a relaxing picnic. No need to pack heavy games, books, or crafts!

Plan for bugs!

You’re stepping into their space, so expect a few visitors. Shower caps are a surprisingly handy way to cover serving bowls and platters. But it might be easier to pack salads in mason jars so that you can screw the lids back on in a pinch.

Speed up cleanup with baby wipes and trash bags.

It’s easier to sort and wash cutlery at home, rather than in the middle of a sprawling park. Use wipes to clean anything you have to put back in the picnic basket or cooler, then lug everything else home in a trash bag.

Pack shelf-stable foods for safety.

Get creative with canned meats, jerky, dehydrated foods, nuts, and whole fruits. The ‘danger zone’ for food safety risk is anywhere between 40° and 140°F. If you’re worried about the risk of food poisoning, simply avoid meat, cheese, eggs, and mayonnaise altogether.

BONUS: Benefits of a Sober Curious Picnic

Nature therapy provides countless mental health benefits, but prepping for adventure can feel daunting. Outdoor summer activities don’t have to be Insta-worthy or picture-perfect. Don’t let packing, planning, and social pressure get in your way.

Luxury picnic inspiration photos always seem to have a pitcher of sangria or bottle of wine.


The sober curious movement is all about taking a second to pause and ask that important question – why? Why do we feel pressure to drink in certain scenarios, and would alcohol really make this moment better? 

For your next picnic, leave wine on the shelf.

CBD drink cans are a much better option for outdoor dining because you won’t be limited on where you can enjoy them. Glass bottles and open alcoholic containers aren’t allowed at most picnic sites, but Harmonic CBD beverages can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Plus, every sip provides a boost in creativity, focus, and energy with zero THC.

Stay present, prioritize your health, and connect with your community, partner, or self in a more meaningful way.

Picnics are a beautiful combination of nature therapy and nostalgia! CBD sparkling seltzers help you celebrate the benefits of both.

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