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Why Nano-Emulsified CBD is the Best Choice for Micro-Dosing


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CBD oil and capsules help bring the body into balance, much like your favorite supplements and vitamins. And just like in the supplement world, bioavailability is a huge hurdle for companies to overcome. It doesn’t matter how unique the formula is or how impressive the benefits look… if the ingredients can’t be absorbed and utilized in the body, it won’t work.

So, how can Harmonic Woman CBD  maximize the benefits and guarantee the highest rates of absorption? We look at the molecular level.


Nano-emulsified CBD requires highly advanced, expensive technology, but the production challenges are worth the end result. This cutting-edge process modifies the cannabinoid structure in two important ways:

1) Making CBD Water Soluble.

CBD oil is naturally hydrophobic, and it doesn’t mix with water. Considering that up to 60% of the human body is water, that’s a problem for bioavailability. Even nano-emulsion can’t make CBD completely water-soluble, but it does disperse and mix the CBD with a natural surfactant that can cross cellular barriers.

2) Breaking Up CBD Particles.

The smaller the cannabinoid particles, the better. Macro and micro-sized particles are too large to pass through bodily tissue, so most typical CBD doses are destroyed or discarded during digestion. In comparison, nano CBD particles are approximately 10,000 times smaller! This also improves particle stability so that cannabinoids are protected during transport from the bottle to your bloodstream.


‘Enhanced bioavailability’ is an exciting benefit for CBD scientists and researchers, but what does that look and feel like? Let’s explore how nano CBD really impacts and improves your health:

– Smaller Doses

Micro-dosing is a powerful way to reduce pain, increase focus, and settle into sleep with less stress… but only if it works. Higher bioavailability means that you’re wasting less money, time, and ingredients. Now you can build a daily regimen and micro-dose with CBD capsules that are more effective and discreet.

– Precise, Consistent Dosing

Many CBD users struggle to get the dosing right and find a formula that delivers consistent results. Cannabinoids are so hydrophobic that adding CBD drops to your morning coffee or swallowing a CBD capsule with a glass of water could undermine absorption! Nano-emulsified CBD is much more water-soluble, so you can achieve more reliable benefits in precise, small doses.

– Fast-Acting Effects

Nano-enhanced CBD capsules work faster because a higher percentage of cannabinoids can quickly cross the body’s tissue barriers and get absorbed. Natural CBD oil that isn’t ultrasonically processed often has to pass through a long period of digestion before it’s either absorbed or discarded. Nano CBD gets to work faster in just 10 to 30 minutes.

– Increased Shelf-Life

Stable CBD particles don’t just last longer in your body – they survive longer on the shelf, too. Nano-emulsified CBD oils have a two-year shelf life, on average, so you can micro-dose when the moment feels right. There’s no rush to finish your bottle, and you don’t have to worry about your CBD capsules expiring or losing their potency over time.

Harmonic CBD Supplements are formulated to help every woman, every day. Nano-emulsified CBD is more expensive to produce, but the benefits for you outweigh the challenge for us!

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