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3 Helpful Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Wellness Regimen

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As more and more women discover its many benefits, CBD is becoming incredibly popular. Nowadays, it appears in everything from hair products to food. A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, adding CBD to your wellness routine can enhance your mood, immune system, energy level, productivity, and sleep schedule. It’s seen as a lifesaver for those women who struggle with stress and anxiety.

If you’ve never used CBD before, you might not know where to start. That’s where we come in. Read on below to find some expert advice about creating a CBD wellness regimen.


One especially popular way to incorporate CBD into a wellness regimen is by using CBD oil. Like many CBD products, this is very versatile.
Start your day off with hydration and add a few drops of this oil to a glass of water. Or to enhance its energizing benefits, add a little in your morning coffee or tea. Some even like to add it to their morning smoothies and shakes. CBD oil can even boost those nutrients that are already in there. You can also find CBD protein powder.

At the end of a long day, try using CBD oil in a relaxing bath. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, many unwind with a CBD oil bath to soothe their achy muscles and joints. It’s also a great way to recover after a workout. For even more relaxation, you can mix in lavender, rosemary, and other kinds of essential oils. In addition to the oil, there are CBD-infused bath bombs.

If you like to wind down by having a relaxing cup of tea, try adding some CBD oil. This allows you to take advantage of its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Letting go of the stress from the day will then enable you to get a good night’s sleep.


As many skin problems are caused by inflammation, it only makes sense that such an effective anti-inflammatory would be beneficial. Some people choose to apply CBD oil directly to trouble areas, such as on blemishes or undereye dark circles. There are also CBD-infused skincare products, which will boost your wellness regimen in a number of different ways. These products include soap, face moisturizer, body lotion, serum, eye cream, and lip balm.

Studies have shown that incorporating CBD in your skincare regimen helps with issues such as acne, rosacea, and dandruff. It can also reduce oil, puffiness, and redness. It works great in moisturizer for dry skin. Even if you don’t have major skin issues, CBD keeps your skin healthy and looking great.

Thanks to its use as an antioxidant, CBD also protects your skin from free radicals. It can now be found in a number of anti-aging products for this reason.

CBD is also used in topical serums and other solutions. A CBD salve can be applied to specific areas to help with soreness, pain, and muscle strain or for post-workout recovery. It also reduces swelling.


CBD supplements will make a great addition to your wellness regimen. While some women are hesitant to try supplements, our Harmonic softgels are designed differently. They are easy to swallow and won’t leave a bad aftertaste. Some worry about what dosage of CBD they should be taking. But after research and testing, we ensure the amount in our supplements is exactly what you need. To make our supplements as effective as possible, we use nanoemulsion technology, which provides faster absorption and better results.

If you already take vitamins as part of your wellness regimen, our supplements can easily be added in. Why softgels? It allows us to combine CBD with other incredibly helpful ingredients.

We recommend The Kit for a full day of great benefits. The Kit is a pack that contains three different supplement softgels, each to be taken at a different time of day.


First, start the morning off right with a Rise softgel. In these capsules, 25 mg of CBD is mixed with 10 mg of curcumin, which comes from turmeric. Like CBD, curcumin also has great anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation makes it a game changer for individuals with autoimmune issues, muscle pain, or anxiety. Rise supplements will also provide a good dose of antioxidants.


At midday, take a Sustain. This will help you avoid the dreaded midday slump. You know how you can start to feel sluggish, stressed, and impatient in the afternoon, even when you still have so much to do? This is something a lot of people, women especially, struggle with. But when you start taking our CBD softgels, you’ll stay energized, positive, and relaxed throughout the afternoon.


At night, incorporate Rest CBD softgels will help you get a sufficient amount of sleep. These softgels are made with melatonin, a highly recommended supplement for achieving restful sleep. Melatonin helps provide a full, sound night of rest, without the risks that certain prescription-strength sleep aids can have. And getting quality sleep, of course, ensures that you’ll be in top shape for the next day.

A common concern with using CBD supplements is whether there will be psychoactive effects. But don’t worry, you’ll get the benefits without the “high,” as our softgels do not have any THC. We make these supplements cruelty-free, in the United States, and with quality ingredients.

While we recommend The Kit for the best results of a fully rounded CBD wellness regimen, you can also buy Rise, Sustain, and Rest separately.

At Harmonic CBD, we look out for your best health and well-being. Our products are lab-tested and carefully designed to give women the absolute best results. No matter how you use CBD, always make sure to purchase products that are lab-tested. That’s how you’ll know the product is safe and effective and that the company you’re buying from is legitimate.

You can find our story, our products, and plenty more information on our website. If The Kit sounds right for your new CBD wellness regimen, you can buy once or opt in for a subscription.

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