A Daily CBD Regimen You’ll Never Forget to Follow

daily regimen

You’ve got a lot of things to keep track of – work meetings, family schedules, meal plans… Even if we know something is good for us, it’s hard to prioritize it. 

Chances are, you have a half-empty bottle of old supplements tucked away somewhere that you forgot to take. (We’re guilty of that, too.) One busy morning turns into a forgetful week, and then the bright idea is abandoned altogether.

Let’s change the cycle!

Harmonic Woman CBD has a few ideas to help you develop a mindful routine and micro-dose more consistently: 

“I’ll catch the next one.”

Micro-dosing throughout the day can keep the habit fresh in your mind. Plus, it’s an effective way to sustain higher cannabinoid levels with fewer dips and spikes.

Our daily CBD regimen takes the pressure off, so you don’t have to worry about losing your streak or falling behind schedule. Even if you forget to take your CBD for energy in the afternoon, that’s okay!

Just lovingly remind yourself that another opportunity is coming up soon. “I’ll catch the next one.”

“I listen and attend to my body.” 

Our bodies face different challenges all day long, and it’s totally normal for physical needs to change with the clock. Unlike once-daily CBD supplements or drops, Harmonic Woman CBD capsules are formulated to help you lean into the present moment, when it happens: morning, noon, and night.

RISE softgel with 20mg CBD for energy, 10mg CBG for morning nausea, and 25mg caffeine from green tea for instant alertness.

SUSTAIN softgel with 25mg CBD for immune support, 5mg CBG to fight inflammation, and 6mg astaxanthin for antioxidants.

REST softgel with 25mg CBD for stress relief, 3mg CBN for pain relief, and 3mg melatonin to support your natural sleep cycle.

“I know there’s not just one way.”

Versatile, accessible CBD supplements are a must! (We’ve heard this feedback and thanks from so many women.) Wellness is a personal journey – there’s not just one way to invest in your health.

Some women thrive on schedule and structure, taking CBD capsules at the exact same time every day. Other women want the flexibility to skip a micro-dose and relax with a CBD drink instead.

We developed two sparkling CBD drinks to unlock even more options. Like all Harmonic products, the ROSE and RISE CBD Sparklers are a discreet, reliable way to enjoy daily CBD with 0% THC. Both cans deliver feel-good benefits with a formula that is truly guilt-free.

Zero alcohol, zero calories, and absolutely no trace of THC. Every batch of Harmonic full-spectrum CBD is third-party lab tested, so you can sip with confidence.

“I build on every little victory.”

Let’s weave CBD’s physical, mental, and mood support into established routines you no longer have to think about:

Love your weekly hot yoga class? YES! Swallow a FIT softgel with slimming THCv and CBD before you unroll your mat.

Working on your Wordle streak every morning? AWESOME! Sip on a guilt-free RISE CBD beverage with green tea caffeine for crash-free energy.

On track to finish your first manifestation journal? CHEERS! Relax into the moment and make it even better with a ROSE CBD drink.

Harmonic Woman CBD is proudly women-owned, women-led. Trust us, that’s rare in the cannabis industry! This didn’t happen overnight. We built on every little victory and looped new ideas into existing skills that we had already mastered.

Our effective, affordable line of CBD products can help you do the same.

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