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Oregon Women Ask – Can You Drink CBD Anytime, Anywhere?

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We wrote a strong, simple promise on the front of our CBD Sparkler cans: anytime, anywhere. …Really?

Many women see that, then send an email to clarify. “Can I take CBD and drive?” “Can I bring CBD supplements to work?” “Can I drink CBD beverages in public?”

Yep! In Oregon, you can sip on a CBD Sparkler (pretty much) anytime, anywhere.

(Author’s note… I’m sipping on a Rise CBD Sparkler right now! It’s my go-to drink for creativity and focus, especially if I’m fighting an afternoon slump. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with a hint of lime.)

Elevate the Everyday

Harmonic CBD is designed by and for women, so we completely understand your need to ask every question and tick every box. Nothing should get in the way of your ability to be an amazing woman, wife, and mother.

CBD is non-psychoactive, and it won’t alter your mindset or impair your judgment. Unlike THC, using CBD from hemp will never cause a ‘high’ sense of euphoria.

Instead, you can rely on our full-spectrum CBD supplements to create a balanced, more intentional life. Keep reading to discover why:

CBD and driving?

Legally, Oregonians are free to sip on CBD while driving – as long as the CBD drink has no trace of THC.

Always purchase CBD drinks and supplements from a reputable brand with transparent lab testing. Harmonic Woman has partnered with an ISO-certified, third-party lab to test every single batch. That’s why our CBD beverages are truly guilt-free with no alcohol, zero sugar, and 0% THC.

35mg of full-spectrum CBD can release tension, ease inflammation, and sharpen focus. It’s the perfect balance of calming relaxation and creative energy. 

Scientists believe that the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in resetting and sustaining the body’s homeostasis. Essentially, higher cannabinoid levels from CBD help bring your body back into perfect balance, too.

But not everyone’s body reacts to CBD the same way. Whether you’re driving yourself or a car full of kids, distracted and impaired driving are never okay. If you’re unsure about how CBD drinks will affect you on the road, we always recommend testing and trying it before you grab the car keys.

Some women are more sensitive to calming teas and supplements. Do turmeric or chamomile tea make you feel sleepy? CBD might make you feel tired, too. You know your body best! Please make a safe, informed choice for yourself, no matter what you’re drinking. 

CBD at work?

Ultimately, this decision might be up to your employer. The legal landscape is a little messy as cannabis and CBD precedents are still being shaped, even here in Oregon where hemp CBD is completely legal.

If your workplace prioritizes mental health and physical wellbeing, you might be in luck. (Let’s normalize keeping CBD capsules in your desk and CBD drinks in the breakroom, please!)

Realistically, we always recommend checking your employee handbook and asking around before bringing CBD drinks or supplements to work. Does your boss understand how CBD can boost productivity? They might be convinced!

There are so many different CBD benefits, ranging from focus and creativity to better sleep with less pain. Micro-dosing throughout the day is one of the best ways to sustain higher cannabinoid levels and feel-good benefits.

Harmonic Woman created a daily CBD regimen with capsules to help you lean into the moment, all day long. RISE with CBD for energy and focus, SUSTAIN immune support in the afternoon, and REST better at night with tranquil sleep support.

Like all Harmonic products, our sparkling CBD drinks are a discreet way to bring your mind and body into balance – anytime, anywhere.

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