Your new
daily ritual.

Our Harmonic formulas are designed to help you take on each part of your day. If you want the full experience, morning to night, get yourself The Kit so you never miss a beat.

Your new<br> holistic <br>daily ritual.

Our Formulas

Rise Energy and Focus SoftGel


Energy & Focus


Hit the ground running and rise with confidence. This CBD energy softgel capsule combines 20mg of CBD with 10mg of CBG to keep pain, inflammation, and nausea under control. Micro-dose with one or two capsules daily when you need a natural energy boost to focus and perform at your best.

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Sustain cbd Softgel


Immune Support


These immune support softgels give you the confidence to step out into the world and feel your best. Each Sustain capsule contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and 5mg of CBG. Just like CBD, cannabigerol (CBG) is non-psychoactive, and emerging research suggests that it has therapeutic, anti-inflammatory benefits for pain, inflammation, and nausea.

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Slim Down Softgel


Harmonic CBD empowers your health and fitness goals by bringing your body back into balance. Our Fit formula is a slimming softgel with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and 3mg of THCv. Take control of your plate, exercise, and mindset by micro-dosing with one capsule every day.

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relief emu oil


Intensive Relief Rub


Soothe aches and pains from the surface. The Harmonic Relief Rub is specially designed with a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients that reduce inflammation, release tension, and put your body back in balance. This intensive formula has 1000mg of premium, water bonded CBD with 100% bioavailability to sink in faster and provide targeted relief.  

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Harmonic center bathbomb


Relaxing Wind-Down


Sink into pure bliss and let your stress float away with the steam. Each pack contains four CBD Bath Bombs.  Each Center bath bomb is infused with 25mg of pure CBD oil to soften skin and soothe sore muscles. Create a wind-down evening ritual that you love and release tension with a relaxing bath.  

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Tranquil Sleep


Prepare your body for rest and wake up more refreshed! Rest CBD & CBN softgels are enhanced with 3mg of CBN and 3mg of melatonin to support your body’s natural sleep cycle, reset your nocturnal clock, and relieve pain. Harmonic CBD uses nano-emulsion to extract the highest quality, purest CBD and CBN. As a result, you can enjoy better bioavailability and enhanced benefits while micro-dosing.

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Lift Soft Gel


Delta-8 Softgel


Lift your mood, boost your creativity, and treat yourself to a micro-dose that helps you enjoy the day. Each CBD softgel capsule is infused with 15mg of delta 8, which provides gentle psychoactive effects and a subtle ‘high.’ Delta 8 is derived from organic hemp, not marijuana, and we exclusively offer nano-emulsified CBD for more precise, consistent dosing.

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The Kit - Rise Sustain Rest


The Trio


Discover relief in daily rituals. With Harmonic CBD products, you can rise above morning aches, mid-day slumps, and evening anxiety. These capsules are tasteless and more discreet than CBD drops, so you can micro-dose and enjoy the moment.  Our CBD supplements are thoughtfully formulated and made in the USA with organic ingredients. Embrace the healing benefits of pure hemp CBD without any of the ‘buzz.’

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